Mushrooms knowledge

The growing history and nutrition of the mushrooms

Release time: 1899-12-30

The growing history and nutrition of the mushroom

Chinas is one of the earliest mushroom cultivating country in the world, which has got a long mushroom growing history. But in the past 1,000 years, the mushrooms are confined to the half—wild cultivated growing situation. The output is very low. Due to the output, our mushroom has taken over a very small part of the global market.

   As the development of the social economy, the living standards and eating habits of people have changed, And in the new economic situation, the edible fungus is developing step by step, just like the old saying that” grow up like mushroom”, the new industry is forming. Especially the 70s, 20th century, because of the growing of the world population, more and more governments are beginning to attach importance to the edible fungus, so as to promote the development of the edible fungus industry.

  Mushrooms are with a lot of nutrition, and are beneficial to human beings. It is edible and could also be regarded as medical product as well, which has already been considered as the nutritional food since long time ago..